Friday, November 20, 2015

Creative Lettering

From 1996 to 2003 I had the privilege of working with EK Success, specifically their line of ZIG® markers.  I have always loved to draw and my dad taught me that handwriting could be beautiful. I took a calligraphy class in the late 70's and quickly decided that Copperplate wasn't for me, but learned the techniques of using wide nib pens to create beautiful lettering. I still have my brause nibs and wooden pen holder, plus the fountain pen I used in school.  Yep, I was born in the 40's and still remember inkwells in the school desk.  Ballpoint pens were a definite "NO NO" back then. 

I loved working with all the different types of markers and wrote "Creative Lettering", a regular column in Scrapbooking & Beyond magazine.  Each issue featured a fun alphabet.  Here's one I created for a Winter issue - SNOW CAPS:

The ZIG markers may not be available any more, but all you need is a fine black marker and a white opaque marker. There are lots of brands available in craft and office supply stores and they don't have to be "acid free".  You'll also need a glue pen.
It's an easy alphabet, just follow the steps shown below.  Have fun! Next time I'll show you how to create a Candy Cane alphabet.......  enjoy!

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