Monday, March 3, 2014

Decorative Painting Made Easy!

It's First Monday and Designer Crafts Connection bloggers are posting about projects and/or techniques that will blow you away - after all, it is March.....

I've seen so many ideas over the years it's hard to pinpoint the best, so I thought I'd share an easy painting technique I published in a small book a couple of years ago.  I love decorative painting and was at the Creative Painting show in Las Vegas last week - (photos to come later).  Decorative painting is a fun hobby and many of you think you could "never do something like that".  Well, I'd like you to know that you CAN..... 

When working on painting projects for books, I always like to share things for beginners - techniques that anyone can do and become successful.  With a little success under one's belt, it's easy to try something a little more challenging the next time.  I used glass surfaces because there's no prep required and only one brush.  It doesn't matter what kind, or size because you're going to use the handle of the brush to paint these simple, decorative flowers.


You don't have to use the same pieces of glass pictured here, or the same colors, this is all about learning an easy technique to create something sweet and simple. 

I used glass paint - for obvious reasons, but you can use this technique with any kind of paint.  Practice the technique first on an old china plate - just to get the hang of it.  Pour a small puddle of paint onto a piece of wax paper, or disposable plate.  Holding your brush upright, dip the end of the handle into the puddle of paint then place it directly onto the surface to make a simple dot.  Dip the handle in the paint again, place it on the surface, but this time slide the handle toward you to create a stroke.

Now you know how to make a brush handle dot and a brush handle stroke.  No big deal, but when you put dots and strokes together in different colors and formations you have the beginnings of some really fun and simple designs.  Look at these strokes in the photo below for example.  Now imagine a ring of those around the stem of a wine glass! 

A daisy is simply a dot with lots of strokes around it. Strokes also become tiny leaves on a flower stem.  (Use a paint marker and ruler to make a straight stem.)  When working with glass, make a pattern first on a piece of paper then slide this inside the glass vase, or under a glass plate.  Make lines for the petals and dots for where you want the dots to be.   Here are a couple of pattern ideas to start with.  Notice how I added small dots around large center dots, or at the end of the strokes.  Make sure the first coat of paint is dry before adding additional dots.  The size of the brush handle will determine the size of the dots you make, so use a large brush handle for large dots, medium one for medium size dots, etc.  Teeny tiny dots can be made with a toothpick!

These patterns and projects were created for this small booklet for DecoArt using Americana Gloss Enamels.  You may still be able to find copies at your local Michaels store in the paint section.


Hope you'll give it a try - it really is very easy.  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now.......

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I will have to try that method. :)

  2. I love this! How fun and easy!

  3. Thanks for the lesson! I've GOTTEN to try this!