Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just Crafty Me!

"Just Crafty Me" is the title of my friend's blog. Jean and I have been in business together since July 4th, 1996. Before that we both authored craft books for a local publishing company and worked with manufacturers to develop craft books full of creative ideas using their products.

We've both been crafters all of our lives and before we jumped into the publishing world, which is where we met, we sold our designs at craft shows and in craft malls. Jean is the Queen when it comes to quick and easy crafts. Jean would create 100-500 of the same item to sell, whereas I would only make one and then teach others how to make their own. We were a perfect fit for the business we've built together over the past 14 years. We continue to create and design individually, but also work with manufacturers on product development and as consultants. We are honored to have been recognized individually by the Craft & Hobby Association as "one of the brightest and best" in the industry today and our company, Kievlan-McGuffee Design Svcs, is one of the leading consulting companies in our industry. We are unique in that we're a full service company offering not only product development and consulting, but also design, graphic and publishing services "in house". Visit Jean at: Enjoy!

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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