Saturday, January 30, 2010

CHA SuperShow • Winter 2010

Due to the resounding success of its very first consumer show in Orlando this past summer, the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) organized a second consumer show which preceded the trade show in Anaheim this month. Supported by manufacturers, local retailers, chain stores and even designers, the show is an opportunity to educate consumers about products and teach crafting techniques through Make-It Take-Its (MITIs) and demos. I taught two free workshops on the show floor for example: a Spirelli (string art embellishments) workshop and a Brushstroke workshop. There was a workshop every hour for both Friday and Saturday. There was lots of excitement on the show especially at the Cricut booth. Since the consumer show was before the trade show, it was the consumers who saw the Cricut Cake first and boy were they excited!!

It was busy everywhere, but for me the most exciting area was the KidZone. KS Productions, the company who has been bringing "Hands On Crafts for Kids" to PBS stations across the US for over 10 years, worked hand in hand with CHA and manufacturers to have MITIs for our youngest crafters. I spent all day Friday helping little ones make Monkey bookmarks. I can't put into words what a thrill it was to watch those tiny hands paint and glue, so here are some photos to share. There are no names, of course, but I did ask each parent for permission before taking these photos! If you are a manufacturer reading this, these will be your customers in the not too distant future, so please remember this when asked to support a childrens program of any kind.

Future Arts & Crafts Teacher! Tara Smith and Keri Cunningham from CHA

Boys and girls, moms and dads even grandparents had so much fun making ants, octopuses, bracelets, necklaces, bulletin boards, pencil toppers, frames, sand art, bookmarks and more. In this hi tech era of computers and hand held games, etc. let's not forget how much fun it is to craft!

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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