Thursday, May 4, 2017

Can Do-over....

We don't eat a lot of canned food these days, but whenever we do, I save the cans and give them a "do over"!  Here's a couple of fun and easy ways to use them for both indoor and outdoor floral decorations.


It all starts with a can, an empty bottle of water, a brown paper grocery sack, jute and assorted rolls of  wide ribbon. You'll also need scissors, a tape runner and, of course, some flowers, artificial or fresh..


1.  Remove the paper from the cans and rinse thoroughly.  Save the tabs from the top of the cans.  If you want a tight bunch of flowers in your vase, place an empty water bottle in the can and place the flower stems in the neck to hold them together. You can use mini water bottles as is, but you'll need to cut the larger bottles in half, so the top of the bottle is about 1/2" lower than the top of the can.  Flowers can also be held in place by placing shreds inside the can.


2.   Cut a piece of brown paper to fit around the can.  Overlap the ends and secure with adhesive.  Option:  Glue a border of corrugated brown paper around the top and the bottom of the can. The ribbon will cover the center.  


TIP: If you have to use a can opener to open the can, insert a mason jar ring in the top for a cleaner, more finished look around the rim.  You can also use the ring to trap the tab against the side of the can for a hanger.

3.  Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the can, plus 1/2".  Secure the overlapped end with adhesive.  Wrap jute around the center and tie at the front in a bow, or overhand knot, depending on the look you want. 



There are so many types of ribbon to choose from you can upcycle empty cans to use for any occasion, season,  holiday, or to simply to fill an empty spot that needs a little home dec.  Use the tab to hang from a tree in your yard, or on the porch.....  Just think of all the things you "can" do....   Enjoy!  

Y'all come back now.........

Yours truly,
Julie :)


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