Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cookies for Santa

Another week or so and we'll be making cookies for Santa. We usually make them on Christmas Eve, otherwise Santa's cookie plate will look like this....

I started by making a pattern for my die cutting machine including a line around the circle to make placement a little easier.  You can find the pattern in the "Personal Images" tab here on my blog. You will also need a small sea sponge, etchall™ etching crème, pik tool, etchmask™ and transfer paper.

Step 1:  Cut the pattern from etchmask. 


Step 2:  Weed (remove) the areas to be etched, including the circle line, with the pik tool while the etchmask is still on your cutting mat.

Step 3:  Cut a piece of transfer paper large enough to cover the pattern, remove the backing, then cover the circle with transfer paper.

Step 4:  Carefully lift the pattern from the mat then place at the center of the front of the plate. You can etch on the back if you like, but you will need to remember to cut a mirror image of the pattern. Make sure the pattern is firmly secured on the plate then carefully remove the transfer paper.  Check to make sure all the tiny pieces are in place. (Insides of the letter "e" for example.)

Step 5:  Cover the rim of the plate with scraps of backing paper, or whatever you have available to prevent any accidental etching.  Cover the areas to be etched liberally with the crème.  Etchall crème is reusable, so you can't use too much.  Let sit for 15 minutes then scrape the crème back into the container.  Rinse the plate to remove any remaining crème, then remove the pattern and extra paper.
NOTEThis product will etch porcelain, so do not rinse over a porcelain sink!!! It will etch that too.


Step 6:  To create the lacy, snow effect on the rim, dip the surface of a softened sea sponge into the crème. (New sea sponges are always soft, but if it has been used before it will be hard. Soften under running water then squeeze out any water.  Dry thoroughly before using.)  Spread the crème on the sponge by dipping it gently on your work surface. Dab etching crème all around the rim of the plate on the back.  Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse. This method produces a lacy etched look, but usually there is not enough creme to scrape back into the container. 

Here's a photo of the plate in black and white so you can really see how pretty the etching looks on the rim.  You can see lots of etched glass ideas for Christmas and order etchall products online at

Instead of adding words to the center of the plate, sponge the etching crème all over the back of the plate.  A set of these etched, glass plates would make a unique addition to any holiday table! 

Now it's time to bake some cookies for Santa!  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now......

Yours truly,
Julie :)


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