Thursday, August 13, 2015

ETI - Environmental Technology Product Blog Hop

The heat is on this month -  literally!  It's hot enough outside to fry an egg on the sidewalk here in Texas! Should cool down to about 100˚ in the next day or so if we're lucky...

Things are hotting up inside too.  DCC has not one, but TWO blog hops this month. The first is with  products from ETI - Enviromental Technology, Inc.  I received a package of EnviroTex® Jewelry Clay and a package of EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin to work with.  I haven't worked with either product before so I thought I'd try my hand at a simple jewelry piece first.  I have some really great moulds from Katy Sue Designs that will be just perfect for the project I have in mind.  They are actually designed for cake decorating, but these are silicone moulds and can be used for other crafty projects too!

Anyway, this is my very first jewelry clay project!

It was inspired by this necklace I've had since 1954.  I don't wear it any more, but I still love it.  It was quite a popular style in those days.  I remember my grandmother wearing a brooch with the same little flowers.

As I said, I haven't worked with jewelry clay before, so I carefully read thru the instructions that came in the package.

Step 1 - Roll equal parts of components A an B together.  Don't forget to wear gloves!

Step 2 - Mix thoroughly then roll into a ball.  Push the ball firmly into the mould.


Step 3 - Carefully remove the clay from the mould. You can bend the mould to make it easy.

Step 4 - Let the clay dry for about 2 hrs then trim the excess clay from around the edge of the flower with a craft knife. Add a "jewel" to the center.  The clay will act as the glue.

Step 5 - To make the leaves, mix a second ball of clay using equal parts of components A and B. Press flat. Using the Katy Sue Designs Impress™ tool, cut tiny leaves from the clay. Add lines with the tip of a tiny, flat head screwdriver.

Step 6 - Let the clay pieces dry overnight then paint with your choice of craft paint. (You could also use nail polish for a nice shiny look.)

Step 7 - While the clay is drying prepare the necklace.  I had an old, antique looking medallion with tiny pearls around the edge. I added a pearl drop at the bottom and a long pearl chain at the top with jump rings. To finish I glued the tiny leaves and finally the flower in place.  The medallion is only 1" diameter, so you can imagine how small my clay pieces are. 

And here's the finished necklace again:

We know you'll be excited to try the jewelry clay too so we're having a giveaway! All you have to do to enter is comment on the blogs in the hop. You'll receive points for each comment, so the more you comment, the more chances you have to win.  The winner will be selected next Friday, August 21st via Rafflecopter.  Just look at the cool stuff the winner will receive....!  You can hop thru DCC member blogs using the blue DCC logo "hop forward" button in the sidebar of each blog and you can also see more projects to comment on on the DCC blog...


Good luck!

Yours truly,
Julie :)



  1. Julie I absolutely love this project, thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Anonymous8/14/2015

    Julie this is just beautiful. I bought some silicone molds to use in the kitchen, now I have other ideas. Great projects.

  3. Great project for a first timer! So, so cute Julie! Love the mold.

  4. Julie, this is so delicate and lovely! I love your inspiration piece too! After seeing several of you using the clay, now I am thinking maybe I can do it too! Very pretty! Will you be keeping it....or giving as a gift?

  5. I definitely have to buy some molds and try this technique! Great inspiration!