Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stained Glass with Attitude!

I'm sure everyone realizes by now that I pretty much love all kinds of crafts, but I do have some favourites.  As a craft designer in the creative, Arts & Crafts industry for 30+ years, I've had the opportunity to see and work with some wonderful products.  It's always a special thrill, however when a company introduces something that's brand new to the industry - something that hasn't been seen before.  Craft Attitude™ is one such product and it is absolutely amazing!  Craft Attitude is a printable film that works with your every day inkjet printer and whatever surface YOU like to work with, whether it's wood, glass, fabric, metal, or...... you get my drift.  You can print anything onto it, photographs, clip art, music, graphic art, etc. then adhere it to a surface you like to work with.

When I was asked to create a project for the Spring blog hop, I had the hardest time trying to decide what to create - I was overwhelmed with ideas!  Since Easter is just around the corner and I love working with glass, I finally decided to make a "faux" stained glass piece to hang in a window.

I purchased a float glass frame for this project.  This type of frame includes 2 pieces of glass and no backing.  The design is a combination of a photograph of the Amaryllis growing in front of  my house and graphic art I designed for this project.


I printed the artwork onto Craft Attitude, applied it (printed side down) to one of the pieces of glass then placed the second piece of glass on top.  The film clings to the glass easily.  Remove the backing slowly, smoothing as you go with your fingers, or a soft cloth.  If there are any wrinkles in the film, carefully lift the film then smooth out the wrinkles working from the center to the outer edges. 

I used fishing wire to hang the frame from the top of the window, but you can also prop it up in a well lit corner. 

I posted a jpeg of the artwork, minus the flowers, on the "Images for Personal Use" page here on my blog if you would like to use it.  You can drag the image off onto your desktop then click to open in "Preview" or,  import the jpeg into a Word document if you would like to re-size.  

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for more ideas and year round inspiration.  Enjoy!   Y'all come back now.........

Yours truly,
Julie :)


Disclaimer: This is a paid post. I have a professional relationship with Craft Attitude and received compensation and/or product for this blog post. The opinions and project are my own.

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  1. This is amazing, Julie! Beautiful and useful art! I have yet to try this product, but I need to very soon! You have opened up many possibilities that I do not believe have been seen before. (At least not by me!) Happy Easter!
    Marilyn :-)