Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Look Nana!  It looks like a snowman nose!!!!  And with that innocent remark from an imaginative 5yr old, this snowman ornament was born! 

Which also turned into this:

and it all started with this:

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Believe it or not, it's very easy to make.  Let's start with the head.  You'll need a 2 1/2" Smoothfoam ball; an LED candle;

plus Aleene's Fast Grab tacky glue; narrow, white cording (or Parachute cording); scrap of felt for the hat about 3" x 5"; clear glitter; 6" piece of ribbon for a bow; black adhesive acrylic jewels, or a black, permanent paint pen; a tiny rubber band and scrap of tinsel or ribbon to tie around the top of the hat.  Plus scissors and a craft knife.

1.  Draw a circle on the front of the ball the same size as the base of the candle.  Since this is a rounded surface, draw around a cap, or, I found that this roll of decorative tape was the perfect size.

2.  With a straight up and down motion, carefully cut around the line with a craft knife then cut a line across the center in both directions to divide it into 4 quarters.  This makes it easier to dig out. 

3.  Starting from the outside cut line, use a spoon to carefully dig out the hole.

3-5.  Make sure the candle fits snugly inside the hole, but not too tightly.  You will want to be able to take it in and out to turn it on and off.

6.  With the candle base still in the hole, wrap the first row of cord around the base on top of the ball.  Pin in place then place a bead of glue around the outside edge of the cord to glue it to the surface.  Cover the rest of the ball with glue then continue wrapping cord until the ball is completely covered.  Let dry then spray with a light coat of adhesive.  Sprinkle with clear glitter to give the "snow" a frosty sparkle.


7.  Draw dots for eyes and mouth on the top of the candle with a paint pen or use black adhesive backed jewels as shown.

8.  I pinned a rectangle of felt around his head for a hat, then fringed the ends.  I used a small rubber band to scrunch it up at the top, then added a tinsel bow and a star button.  To finish, I pinned a bow at the edge of the opening.  You can place him on a dowel for a fun plant pick, or add a hanger for an ornament.

Another option would be to cover a larger ball with a piece of a white, ribbed athletic sock then attach the head to this body with a toothpick.


When crafting, it's important to use the supplies you have on hand as much as possible.  I added some felt brads for buttons and gave the snowman a burlap ribbon scarf.  I also replaced the tinsel ribbon and star button on his hat for a jute bow and a small, silver bell to give him a more country look.


Hope you like my jolly snowman with the light up nose as much as I do!  For even more fun, Smoothfoam projects, check out their blog @ www.smoothfoam.com/blog and check out my cupcake ornament post below this one.   There are even more holiday projects to enjoy on the favecrafts blog hop.

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Enjoy!  Y'all come back now.....

Yours truly,
Julie :)



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