Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back to School Crafts!

"And mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again".   Do you remember this line from an old, old song........ ?  After a 3 month vacation, the start of a new school year was always something both moms and kids looked forward to.  (Yes, I know it's from a Christmas song.....)

Even as a grandmother with the oldest going into 1st grade and his sister entering pre-K, I still look forward to the "Back to School" excitement.  I mean, OMG have you seen all those fabulous school supplies on sale!!!!  Composition books for less than a dollar - they make great journals - all you have to do is decorate the covers with leftover scraps.  Then there's pens and papers and all kinds of boxes and storage stuff.  The mind positively boggles with so many creative opportunities!

I re-cycle all kinds of empty containers and hate to admit it, but I have a "thing" for the bottoms of Velveeta cheese packages.  They're made of thick corrugated cardboard and are nice and sturdy for lots of stuff.  They fit in drawers for dividers for all kinds of sewing notions, pens and pencils and are sturdy enough to sit on a shelf to hold cards, or photos like this one.

It's on the shelf right above my computer and I use it for photos and cards "that I'm going to do something with one day".  I also have another box I use for project sheets and booklets that I pick up each time I visit the craft store.  I had thought of covering them both with scrapbook paper, duck tape, or something (in my copious free time), but.....  you know how that goes.  Well, last week I found these colorful crayons for .25 cents for a box of 24 with all the fabulous school supplies.  Not one to resist a bargain I picked up a few boxes and thought they'd look pretty cool glued onto the Velveeta boxes, empty cans, or shortened soda bottles. (Great little plant holder for a teacher gift BTW).  Anyway here's one I just finished.  You know how I LOVE Quick'n EZ - it took me all of 5 mins!

You could glue them on with a glue gun,  tacky glue,  double sided tape,  or whatever you might have on hand.  Either way, I think it looks kinda cool.

Crafting with School Supplies is the theme for Designer Craft Connection bloggers this month, so don't forget to hop forward and see what everyone else came up with.  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now....

Yours truly,
Julie :)