Monday, November 28, 2011

4 Weeks and Counting!

Just got back from a wonderful week in PA.  The weather was gorgeous and it was nice to just get away and be "uncrafty" for a while.  Most of the time anyway.  We helped my son and his wife decorate for Christmas; the guys did the outside and the girls took care of the inside.  We trimmed the staircase with garland then added these decorations between the swags.  Nothing new, I know - but they're easy to make and are a great accent for all kinds of things.

We used plastic balls - just in case one dropped, plus they're not as expensive as the glass ones.   To make the "balls", just thread each ball onto thin wire, (8-12 depending how big you want the cluster to be), then pull the ends of the wire together.  Twist together to secure then thread narrow ribbon through the center of the balls.  Attach the ends to a bow at the top and you're done! 

The cluster hanging from the light fixture was made a little differently.  We threaded narrow ribbon thru the top of each ball then gathered the ends of the ribbon together, varying the lengths.  Adjust as necessary.  When it looks okay, wrap the ends of the ribbon with wire to secure then attach to the base of the light fixture.  Add a large bow to the top if you like.  We had a ball making these; hope you do too!  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now............

Yours truly,
Julie :)