Sunday, February 21, 2010

The "Craft Room"

I've seen some wonderful "Scrapbooking" rooms in books, magazines, etc and I'm often asked what mine looks like. Well this is my "Craft" room. It used to be a corner of our family room until we moved in 2003. The "ping pong" table was ideal for laying out designs and I could store lots and lots of boxes underneath, but now I have a whole room just for me and I love it! It's upstairs, so I can be as messy as I want, which is usually the case. It may not look like it, but I did clean up just for these photos - had to find my camera!

It's very practical, as you can see, with industrial shelving and the countertop under the windows is a formica kitchen countertop from Home Depot which I placed across two drawer units from the Container store. There's also another shelving unit full of boxes in a closet at the end of the landing just outside the french doors. My computer, printers, scanner, etc are all on the L-shaped corner unit, another industrial piece which has served me well since 1996. Nothing glamorous for me I'm afraid, but it fits my needs to a "T" - speaking of which, I could do with a cuppa right now. BTW - there's a balcony outside so I can watch the seasons go by while I work. Check out my snow photo from Feb.12th.

I must admit that I still commandeer the large dining room table downstairs for some of my more long and "involved" projects and I have even more boxes stacked along one wall of the garage. Most of them are full of projects that have appeared in books and magazines and on T.V. I've given a lot of them away to charity gift shops over the years, but there's still a lot left. Time to spring clean again........

Have a happy Monday and a great week!

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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  1. Wonderful room to spread out in! I can see wh you need to stay organized. I wish I would discipline myself to do that. Just keep trying